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Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit

Which Vaccinations Are Required To Board My Dog At Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit?

All pets boarded at Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit must be current on vaccinations. We require proof of current vaccinations by a Licensed Veterinarian prior to a guest’s stay.

Vaccinations Required for Boarding:

Rabies – 1 or 3 year (Per your veterinarian)

DHPP – (Distemper/Parvo combination booster) – 1 or 3 year (Per your veterinarian)

Bordetella – (Kennel Cough) – required every 6 months.

K9 Influenza – Recommended but not required to board.

Note regarding vaccinations: Vaccines must be completed 14 days prior to boarding. If we cannot confirm vaccinations were given by a licensed veterinarian, We Will Not board your pet. We do not and will not accept vaccinations done by breeders or pet owners.

All pets will be given a brief pre-entry check upon arrival. Anything unusual should be brought to our attention (i.e., bumps & lumps, open sores, stitches, limping, ear and eye issues, allergies, etc.). If fleas or ticks are found, we will need to treat your pet prior to entering the kennel. The pre-entry check performed is superficial only and not intended to replace a physical exam performed by your veterinarian or imply medical judgments.

All dogs must be free of fleas at the time of check-in. Dogs found to have fleas will be treated for an additional cost of $30.

What You Need to Bring When Boarding:

  • Food: Dry, Wet, Canned, Dehydrated, Refrigerated, We feed according to your instructions.
  • Treats: You may bring your dogs favorite treats ***
  • Toys: You may bring 2 Toys max.  Nothing with squeakers or loose parts please
  • Bedding: You may bring a clean laundered blanket that can fit on our Kuranda Beds
  • Medications: Please bring any required medications in their original containers, we will
    administer according to your schedule. CBD is allowed

What Not to Bring When Boarding:

  • Bowls and Water Dishes
  • Electronic or Training Collars
  • Raw Hide or anything that even resembles it (It will be returned to you at drop off)***

After Everyone Goes Home At The End Of The Day, Are The Dogs Left All Alone?

The property is maintained and monitored, 24 hours a day, as we live on the premises!

How Many Times Per Day Are The Dogs Let Outside?

We believe dogs here in our care are much happier if exercised during the day, they tend to eat better and sleep more comfortably. With this in mind, we strive to maximize outside playtime, which will always be during the time of day that the weather is comfortable.

I Have Two Dogs, Can They Board Together?

Yes, definitely. As long as they get along they can stay together and you can save money. The second pet will only be charged a discounted price! We can even separate them at feeding time if necessary. Just let us know at check-in.

Do I Need To Bring My Own Food?

We recommend that your dog stay on its normal food while boarding. A change in diet sometimes causes digestive problems and diarrhea especially if your dog is stressed at being away from home.

What If My Dog Will Not Eat While There?

Each pet is fed separately in a quiet atmosphere – hand feeding is done if needed. We will do what ever is needed to help your pet to want to eat.

Can You Give Medications?

Yes, with our medical background we are comfortable giving medication, including injections such as insulin. Please call to discuss.

What If My Dog Will Not Relieve Himself In A Kennel?

We take your pet outside in the yard every time to relieve himself. We will take your pet outside as much as is needed for each individual pet and we will monitor his or her eliminations. Please let us know ahead of time if your pet is not house-trained.

Do You Give Tours Of The Facilities?

Kennel Tours.
We do meet and greets during our afternoon open hours on Saturday (2p-5p) and Sunday (2p-4p).  We schedule our meet and greets so as to not have more than one at a time. As we are also a working farm, visits are limited to these days and times. No Kennel tours are permitted during the times that dogs are feeding or during kennel cleaning when the floors and kennels are wet or foamed for disinfection. 

Please give us a call to schedule your visit at (423) 344-3901.

We ask that you bring your dog(s) when you come, meeting your dog(s) is an important part of the visit.  In addition to allowing us to ensure your dog(s) is a good fit for our kennel, it will give you the opportunity to see how he/she interacts with us. Boarding can be stressful for both the dog and the owner alike, our goal is to make the boarding experience a positive one for everyone involved.

Are All Dogs Let Out Together?

Absolutely not!  If dogs are in the same family and get along with each other, we let them out together.

Dogs from different households do not participate in group play unless specifically requested by both parties.

What Is Your Plan If My Dog Becomes Seriously Ill?

We keep your cell phone number on file so that if in the event that your dog becomes ill we can get in touch with you and determine a course of action.  If you are not available we will contact your emergency contact, and/or your vet, depending on the situation.  If time is of the essence we will take him to our local vet or one of the emergency clinics listed below.

VCA Regional Institute for Vet Emergencies and Referrals
2132 Amnicola Hwy
Chattanooga, TN 37406

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga 
6393 Lee Hwy

Chattanooga, TN 37421

What Form Of Payment Do You Take?

Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. A convenience fee of 3% will be added for those choosing to pay with a debit or credit card. Payment in full is expected at the time of pick­up.

What Is The Best Time To Drop Off For Boarding?

We recommend bringing your dog as early as possible. All dogs, but especially first timers, benefit from several hours “settling in time” before they are served dinner. It gives us the opportunity to make them feel welcome, get them out for all their activities, and give them ample time to make themselves at home before night-time. Timid or anxious dogs will usually benefit from the same opportunity. Regular visitors and dogs who settle easily are welcome later if that works better for your schedule.

What If I Am Unable To Get There During Your Office Hours? 

We try to be flexible and will make an effort to work with you and your schedule. Please call us to discuss schedule.

What Happens During Playtime?

Each dog is different so we try to tailor playtime towards the individual dog.  Some dogs like to fetch.  Some dogs like to walk on a leash.  Some dogs simply like to sit on your lap and be petted.  We try and cater the playtime to their individual needs one on one.

Are The Kennels Heated And Air-Conditioned?

Yes, our kennels offer a climate controlled, secure, safe and comfortable place for your dog.

What Size Are Your Kennels?

Sleeping quarters are 4 feet x 4 feet for small dogs and 6 feet x 6 feet for larger dogs.