Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit

A Country Retreat for Your Dog


Our Facility.
We are located in the middle of a wooded and peaceful 19-acres featuring a pond and walking trails that can be enjoyed (at no extra charge) by dogs that enjoy leash walking. We also have several very large fenced-in play areas where your dog can play or just relax.

At Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit we believe dogs here in our care are much happier if exercised during the day, they tend to eat better and sleep more comfortably. With this in mind, we strive to maximize outside playtime, which will always be during the time of day that the weather is comfortable. Should inclement weather prohibit outside activities play and attention will be enjoyed inside.

Our dog boarding accommodations are private indoor enclosures located inside our home. The spacious sleeping quarters provide ample room to stretch (4 feet x 4 feet for small dogs and 5 feet x 10 feet for large dogs). The boarding facilities are heated in the winter and cooled during the hot summer months to provide your dog with ultimate comfort. In addition, each dog is provided with raised Kuranda beds along with soft bedding for further comfort. Soothing music plays continuously providing a relaxed atmosphere.

At Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit, we treat each dog boarding with us as a member of our extended family. We understand human interaction plays a huge part in keeping our canine guests happy and healthy. Whether your dog needs an extra snuggle before being tucked in for the night or consoled during a thunderstorm, we ensure that all our guests will receive a lot of attention during their stay.

Feeding Arrangements.
Each dog is fed separately in a quite atmosphere. However, some dogs can be reluctant to eat when they are in a new environment. We will do whatever is needed to help your dog to want to eat – hand feeding is done if needed.

We recommend that your dog stay on its normal food while boarding. A change in diet sometimes causes digestive problems and diarrhea especially if your dog is stressed at being away from home. Always bring extra food in the event there is an unexpected delay your check out.

Most medications (including injections) that your dog requires can be continued during his or her stay with us at no additional charge. We take medications of any kind very seriously. Be sure to bring the medication in the original container or prescription bottle so we know exactly what we are giving your pet: name of medication, strength / dosage and schedule. Always bring extra medications to ensure your pet will not miss a scheduled dose in the event there is an unexpected delay in check out. We do have the ability to refrigerate medications as needed.

Boarding  – Rates
Our boarding prices are set on a per night basis regardless of the size or breed of your dog. We do offer discounts for multi-pet families if your dogs share the same sleeping quarters.

  • 1 dog – $26.00 per night
  • 2 dogs in the same sleeping quarters – $36.00 per night
  • 3 dogs in the same sleeping quarters – $46.00 per night    (Dogs must be of medium size or smaller)
  • 4 dogs in the same sleeping quarters – $56.00 per night    (Dogs must be small)

Exit Bath & Nails – Rates (includes bath, nail trimming & ears)

  • Small dogs (Under 45 lbs) – $20.00
  • Medium dogs (Over 45 lbs) with short to medium length hair – $25.00
  • Medium dogs (Over 45 lbs) with long hair – $30.00
  • Dogs over 80 lbs will be determined at the time of service
  • Nails Only – $10.00

Pricing for brushing after bathing of long-haired dogs will be determined upon the degree of difficulty.



Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. A convenience fee of 3% will be added for those choosing to pay with a debit / credit card. Payment in full is expected at the time of pick­up.

Happy Tails Bed and Biscuit, LLC., reserves the right to amend rates and charges at any time.

Vaccination Requirements.
We are responsible for providing our guests a safe environment, so written verification of vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian is required.
The vaccination requirements below apply to any dog visiting us. Verification is required prior a guest’s stay. Vaccinations are required annually or as recommended by your veterinarian.

  • Bordetella (Canine or Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies

All dogs must be free of fleas at the time of check-in. Dogs found to have fleas will be treated for an additional cost of $30.